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How to distribute the modified version of T-Kernel 2.0

This document explains how to distribute the revised version of T-Kernel 2.0.


Anybody can obtain, redistribute, modify and use T-Kernel 2.0, and distribute modified T-Kernel 2.0.
To do these, it is required to assign the number, "distribution ucode" to the distributed material (the modified version of T-Kernel 2.0).
Distribution ucode is a unique number which is assigned to the distributed material for T-Kernel 2.0 and it traces the modification history of the source code of T-Kernel 2.0. A new management mechanism for the open system is realized by sharing and standardizing the management of the T-Kernel versions which have been conducted by each company in their own ways.

In this document, the steps to distribute the modified version of T-Kernel 2.0 are explained.

Modify T-Kernel 2.0.

Prepare the website where the modified version of T-Kernel 2.0 is distributed.

  • URL for the distribution where T-Kernel 2.0 (modified version) is distributed is required for obtaining distribution ucode.

Obtain distribution ucode.

Access " T-Kernel Traceability Service" and obtain distribution ucode.

  • The minimum required information is the following.
    • Nickname (English) ... arbitrary name to identify distributors (real name, alias, company name, etc.)
    • E-mail address ... To notify a login password, etc.
    • Distribution name ... Name for the distribution (product name, etc.)
    • URL for the distribution ... URL of the website for the distribution.

4.1. Login

Access the  T-Kernel Traceability Service site using a web browser.

2.Click Create account at the upper right of the TOP screen to register your account.

Nickname(English) and e-mail address are required for the account registration.

3.After the registration is completed, the login password will be sent to your e-mail address.

4.Click Login at the upper right corner of the TOP screen.

Enter the e-mail address which has been input for the account registration and password, then click [ Login ].

4.2. Obtaining distribution ucode (Registering distributed material)

1. Click New registration in the list of Registered distribution in the middle of the screen.

2. After the screen to register the information on T-Kernel 2.0 (modified version) for distribution is displayed, enter distribution information.

3. Click Confirm to display the confirmation screen.

4. If all the information is correct, click Register to proceed with registration.

5. Next, add the ucode of the source code which is the original of the modified version of T-Kernel 2.0 to be distributed.

ucode can be searched by the distribution name.

Tick the "Add to the history"checkbox on the right side of the list to register the ucode of the original source as the parent.

6. Click Register to completer the registration.

4.3. Confirming the registration information

The registered modified version of T-Kernel 2.0 has been added to the following lists.

Recently registered distribution

Registered distribution

Checking and modifying the registered information

If you click the eight-digit code displayed in the distribution ucode on the left, you can check the registered information.

You can change the registered information by clicking Edit on the right.

Starting the distribution of the modified version of T-Kernel 2.0

After the obtained distribution ucode is described in Readme.txt, etc., the distribution of the revised version of T-Kernel 2.0 is started.

Now, the modified version of T-Kernel 2.0 is ready for release.